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Robert Reynolds 


Baseball Hitting Instructor 

Robert (RJ) Reynolds has been providing hitting lessons in the Sacramento area for the last 5 years to baseball and softball players of all ages. His professional MLB career began in 1983 with the LA Dodgers until 1985. From there he finished his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. During his eight seasons in Major League baseball he faced numerous Cy Young Award and Hall of Fame pitchers amassing a .267 career batting average, 35 home runs, and 294 RBIs. 


Today RJ provides the technical aspects of hitting along with the proper mental approach at the plate to achieve maximum success in all situations. He takes pride in being a mentor to young athletes which leads to success in all aspects of life. He works with both male and female athletes at all levels and has the tools to enhance each athlete's own unique hitting style. 


RJ enjoys providing lessons in the Sacramento area because of the impact living here had on his career. His ultimate passion is to help others achieve their goals to become the best hitter they can possibly be. 

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